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Resources Available: Listed below are a few of the resources for enhancing successful FCS programs.
These and other resources are available to order using the Resources and Publications Order Form 2017-2018

FCCLA Chapter Guide

 CALPADS 2020-2021 Users Guide click here

FCS Fact Sheet: click here


Certifications are available for the three Family and Consumer Sciences Industry Sectors

  • Education, Child Development and Family Services
  • Fashion and Interior Design
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

To view the list for each Industry Sector click here.

Competency Profiles

The Family and Consumer Sceinces state staff has updated the popular assessment tool to reflect the revision of the Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards, 2013 for the Consumer and Family Studies Programs andFamily and Consumer Sciences Related Occupations Career Pathways.

Consumer and Family Studies Program:
For more information and writable and printable files, click here to visit the CFS Assessment page.
Consumer and Family Studies---Grades 7-8
Consumer and Family Studies---Grades 9-12

 Family and Consumer Sciences Related Occupations Career Pathways: 
For more information and writable and printable files, click here to visit the FCSRO Assessment page.
Child Development Career Pathway
Education Career Pathway
Fashion Design, and Merchandising
Career Pathway
Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
Food Service and Hospitality Career Pathway
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Career Pathway
Interior Design  Career Pathway

Career Pathway Planner

Life Management Curriculum Guide

Educating students for living in the twenty-first century and earning a living in one of California's eight key industries is the mission of Home Economies Careers and Technology Education.  Students are prepared to become positive members of families, the community and work force through two interrelated, yet distinct, Family and Consumer Sciences education instructional programs.  Consumer and Family Studies (CFS) and Family and Consumer Sciences Related Occupations (FCSRO).  This document, Life Management Curriculum Guide, Consumer and Family Studies Comprehensive Core, focuses on the content standards needed to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to successfully manage personal, family, and work roles.

A Guide to Effective Advisory Committees

The purpose of this document, A Guide to Effective Advisory Committees: Building Partnerships with Education, Business, Industry, and the Community is twofold. First, it was developed to assist Family and Consumer Sciences educators to create relevant programs by actively seeking advice and direction from qualified members of the community who serve on advisory committees. Second, the document was developed to assist teachers by providing  information that will enable them to create useful partnerships with industry. By utilizing advisory committees and partnerships, Family and Consumer Sciences teachers can ensure that graduates possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities that enable them to enter advanced education or the workforce and effectively manage personal, family, and work roles and responsibilities.  To download the guide click below:

CareerGuide: A Counseling and Guidance Resource

Career and College Planning Guide:  A Counseling and Guidance Resource provides instructors and career guidance personnel with information to prepare students to develop individual plans to achieve a Family and Consumer Scienes (FCS) career goal.  The information contained in this document may be used to inform students and career guidance personnel about FCS careers, related career pathways, and recommended course sequences needed to enter, and advance in an occupation related to Family and Consumer Sciences.

The document begins with a presentation of FCS career information, career pathways, career specializations, course sequences, and related career pathway resources in Section I.  Section II focuses on postsecondary education options with matrices of the nine career pathways cross referenced to California and selected out-of-state postsecondary education programs.  Section III addresses strategies and resources for FCS career path planning.

For a sample from Section 1 click on the items below.

FCCLA Chapter Guide

The FCCLA Chapter Guide was prepared for chapter members, officers and advisors to use in planning, conducting and evaluating chapter activities.  The information included in this guide can assist in the development of quality chapters which are integral to secondary Family and Consumer Sciences Education programs.  Materials and resources selected and developed for this guide will provide chapters with:

  1. Greater understanding of FCCLA at the local, state and national levels.
  2. Tools for developing leadership training activities for local officers and members.
  3. A manual for planning a program of work and appropriate activities.
  4. Framework for integrating FCCLA into Family and Consumer Sciences instruction.

The guide is divided into ten chapters.  Each chapter can be used independently or in conjunction with other chapters.  This flexible format allows for the addition or removal of pages as necessary.

Examples of FCS Careers Chart: Click Here

FCS Salaries by Career Pathways: Click Here

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