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FCS Core and Concentration Course Curriculum and Teaching Stragegies #2
January 16, 2021

Melissa Webb ppt Click Here
Unit 5 Wendy Cox ppt Click Here
Unit 6 Pending
Unit 7 Lisa Washmuth ppp Click Here

FCCLA Star Event Updates
November 19, 2020

PowerPoin Presentation Click Here
Meeting Recording: hhttps://youtu.be/tnPf411DSrk

FCS Core and Concentration Course Curriculum and Teaching Stragegies #1
November 7, 2020

Melissa Webb ppt Click Here
Unit 2 Savana Wegner ppt Click Here
Unit 3 Module 1 Deanna Lee ppt Click Here
Unit 3 Module 2 Deanna Lee ppt Click Here
Unit 4 Alyssa Fite ppt Click Here

Education, Child Development and Family Services Workshop
October 15 & 16, 2020

Melissa Webb's ppt Click Here
Wendy Cox Day 1: Link to 'Preschool Activities and Projects' Click Here
Wendy Cox Day 2: Link to ''Early Childhood Activities and Project'  Click Here
Jana Din Day 1: 'Developing a Preschool Lessons Portfolio Binder Part 1' Click Here
Jana Din Day 2: 'Developing a Preschool Lessons Portfolio Binder Part 2' Click Here
FCCLA STAR (Students Taking Action With Reconigition) Event (Click on Each Event)
     List of Events
     Child Development
     Teach and Train
     Forcus On Children
Pat Peck ppt - FCCLA: Intergrating Into Your Instruction Click Here
CCSA - Careers in Early Childhood National Directory Click Here
Teach Early Childhood Click Here

Food Safety and Sanitation ServSafe
October 20, 2020 - Day 1 Recording Click Here
October 21, 2020 - Day 2 Recroding Click Here

FCS Forum and Collaboration
September 15, 2020
Link to Video Recording Click Here
Resources From Meeting Click Here

Welcome Back FCS Teachers/FCCLA Advisor
August 18, 2020
To download Presentation: Click Here
Link to Video Recording: Click Here

2020 VIrtual FCS Leadership and Management Conference

June 18-19, 2020

June 18, 2020:  https://youtu.be/_GaLRRVMe0s   
June 19, 2020:  https://youtu.be/M953K9gOc70                                    


FCS Google Drivehttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OJklKZJBsREySPGZwDNNgzfucCgn3UgS?usp=sharing  (click on L&M 2020
June 19th Master ppt: FCSTAC Business Meeting, Awards, Retirees, FCCLA Awards
Jeff Eben's ppt, June 18th
State of the State with Melissa Webb ppt, June 19th


First 2 Weeks of School Lesson Plans Presentation and Lesson Planshttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14EROA--DA_9P7og_ddcdCiVyMtQSW5fu
                 You may get a message that the power point file is too large to open do it anyway.  There are videos embedded in some of the slides and it is worth
                 waiting for the download.    


FCSTAC Roundtables:  https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1CoOea5HqAF9Xo1L-yfDe9QnqCWiMvLs5
                                       You will need to copy the link and paste it into a new window.

Day 1, June 18
Day 2, June 19



Culinary Arts Skills Institute: Celebrating Student Success

November 5-8, 2020
Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Workshop Recipes

Jackfruit Tacos            The Chemistry of Food                  
Homemade Corn Tortillos Introduction to Molecular Gastronomy
Almond Queso Blanco Bigoli Pasta with Duck Sauce
Vegan Pozole Stew Pancit Bihon
Almond Crema Spring Vegetables Quiche & Pie Dough
Vegan Cheese Nacho Cheese     Cheese and Chocolate Souffle

 Chef Gilligan Demonstation Videos can be accessed at: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Chef+martin+gilligan&tbm=vid



Food and Nutrition Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Workshop 2019

Culinary Lab Communication
Following Directions Warm-Up
Following Directions Warm-Up PowerPoint
Half and Half Cookie Lab
Biscuit Bake Off Challenge
Biscuit Bake Off Challenge Performance Rev
Pumpkin Mousse
Pumpkin Mousse Evaluation
Paper-Thin Apple Tart (Hands-on)
Following Directions Lab Review PowerPoint
Following Directions Level II Apple Roses
Baked Eggs with Chives and Cream
Fondant Potatoes
Silent Cooking
Following Recipe Directions
Puff Pastry Sheet Pictures

Understanding Culinary Processes
Understanding Coagulation
UbD Lesson Plan Salad Dressing Unit
Suspension and Emulsion Experiment (Demo)
Absorption Rates Experiment
Which Rice Would You Choose?
Calculating Rice to Liquid Ratio
Calculating Rice to Liquid Ratio Part 2
Starch Analysis Experiment
Starch Analysis Experiment Part 2
Milk Cookery
Milk Cookery Part 2




Teaching Thinking Skills
High Frequency Words

Clarify PowerPoint
Clarify Lesson Plan
Clarify Motivational Mind Set Corned Beef and Cabbage
Clarify Instructional Strategy
Is Corned Beef Really Irish?
The Keep Asking How/Why Technique





Culinary Math
Increasing Recipe Yields
Relleno de Picado Recipe

Calculate the Cost
Calculate the Cost Key
Numerical Patterns in Knife Cuts (Hands-on)
Numerical Patterns in Knife Cuts Template
Length and Width
Following Directions Cuts
Pie Dough


STAR Event Demonstration
Summary Page
STAR Events
Summary Example
2019-2020 STAR Event Required Topics and Themes

Star Event Culinary Display, Level 1 Art Display: Holiday Cookies
Royal Icing (Hands On)




Test Review
Cube It Test Reviewt


Melissa Webb
CDE Update,ppt





 Culinary Arts Skills Institute: Celebrating Curriculum Excellence

November 1-3, 2019
Columbia College, Sonora

BIGA                                           Pizza Dough Formula
Chicken Fabrication                    Rustica Sauce
Cooking Techniques                   Yeast Bread Production
Knife Cuts


Life ManagementCurriculum and Teaching Strategies Workshop

Check Register
How to Write a Check
How to Write a Check ppt
Interest Rate Worksheet
Bean Game
Next Gen Personal Finance
Grocery Game Worksheet
Grocery Game Resource
Mortgages ppt                

Rental Agreement Questions
Flower Pot Families 1
Flower Pot Families 2
Egg Baby
Family Life Cycles
Personal Relationships Types
The Perfect Family
The Shopping List

Child Development:
Careers in Child Development
Career Pop Up Sample
Flanner Board Directions
Story Telling Choices for Project
Prenatal Development Timeline
Prenatal Development Timeline Answer Key
Budget Game Handout
Focus on Children CRE Description
Child Development CRE Description
Child Development Worksheet
Family Life Cycle Cartoon                         
Employment Application 1
Employment Application 2
Career Exploration Research
McDonald's Job Application
Resume ppt
25 Weird Job Interview Quetions
Lab Price Plan
Food Cost by Serving 1
Food Cost by Serving 2
Chef Research Activity
Food Innovations CRE Description
My Favorite Fast Food Meal Assignment

Apartment Hunting
Residential Lease
Rental Agreement Questions
Floor Plan 1
Floor Plan 2
Floor Plan3

Stain Removal Lab
Drawstring Bag
House Cleaning Laundry Homework 
Ed & CD Flyer
F & ID Flyer
HTR Flyer
How It's Made Video List
I Love Lucy
Link to Life Management Course Outline
on CTE Online https://www.cteonline.org/curriculum/


Food and Nutrition Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Workshop 2018

Applied Math CRE Description
Applied Math Assignment

FCCLA Planning Summary
Page Example
 Evaporation Experiement
Culinary Arts Event Directions
Recipes for Event
Misc. CRE Events:
Food Innovations
Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
Nutrition and Wellness
Sports Nutrition

Meat Shrinkage Lesson:
Beef Patties
Meat Enrichment Assignment
Meat ID Lab Quiz Pics
Meat ID Lab Quiz
Meat Shrinkage Lab Differentiated
Meat Shrinkage Lab Performance Review
Meat Shrinkage Lab
Shrinkage by Weight Poster
Lesson Plan Meat Shrinkage



Salad Preparation Lesson:
Event Description and Directions
2017-18 Qualifiing Recipes
FCCLA Project ID Page
Salad Competition Market Order
Salad Competition Step by Step
Salad Demo Equipment List
Ceasar Salad Recipe
Sunomono Salad Recipe
Cost Analysis
Sunomono Salad Cost Analysis   



Menu Planning and Tables Setting CRE: 
Event Description and Directions
Friends Fall Luncheon
Nutrition Template 2018
Menu and Tables Display Assignment
Junior Division Recipe
Senior Division Recipe
Nutrition Template
Nutrition Analysis Junior Division
Nutrition Analysis Senior Division
Table Card Junior
Table Card Senior
Sunday Night Family Heritage Dinner  





2018 Leadership and Management Conference
June 21-22, Garden Grove

General Session PPT  
11 Elements of High Quality CTE

11 Elements of High Quality Self-Review  Tool
CTE Planning an Integrated Project Human Resources Management Functions  
Perkins Fact Sheet HTR Collaboration PPT  

Integrating FCCLA Into the Classroom
-Food Innovation Calculations
-Food Innovations Project
-Food Innovations Directions
-Life Event Planning Event Plan
-Life Event Planning Project
-Life Event Planning Resource Summary
-Life Event Planning Rubric
-Menu Planning and Table Display
-Salad Prep Paperwork Rubric
--Salad Prep Student Grade Sheet
-Salad Prep Rubric
-Salad Prep Project
-Teach and Train



   -Credential Fact Sheet
   -Single Subject Credential
  -Designated Subject 

  Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy Standards
  -Financial Literacy Websites







A Place for Everythng and Everything in It's Place
A Place for Everything PPT
Articulation Paper-Food Memories
-Asian Store Student Worksheet
-Culinary Fun Awrds
-Evaluating Food Questions
-Farmers Market Project
-Journal Questions
-Movie Notes
-Plan Sheets for School
-Spices-Herb Gormet Food-Project
-Whole Foods Market Exercise




 New FCCLA Advisor Workshop and Intership
April 27 - 29, 2018, Fresno

Handouts - Misc
What is FCS? Worksheet
30 Second Interview
FCCLA ppt Exam
FCS Terminology
Handouts - FCCLA
Planning Process in Depth Instructions
Planning Process Cheat Sheet
Organizational Chart
Awards Point System
2018 CA FCCLA Schedule
Star and CRE Events
What is FCS
What is FCCLA
FCCLA Competitive Recognition Events
Chapter Meeting

Education and Child Development Workshop 
March 15-16, 2018, Irvine

Preschool Items
Child Study Report Rubric
Felt Story Project
Teacher Application
Cover Letter Grading
Hunter Lesson Plan Template
Lesson Plan Evaluation
Lesson Plan Rubric
Job Responsibilities
Morning Schedule
Preschool Learning Styles
Resume Grade Sheet
Transition Ideas
Weekly Themes
Preschool Group Alone
Work Based Learning
1st Day Center Instructions
First 2nd Day Questionnaire
Lesson Plans
ECS Outline
Development Psychology Outline
Psychology of Children Syllabus
Early Childhood Studies Syllabus 


Career Connection
CD Permit Matrix Questions
Career Pop Up Sample
Career Aptitude Test
Careers in Child Development
Code of Ethics Questions
Ethics - Understanding Your Responsibilities
Grading Rubric for Parenting Code of Ethics
Parent Code of Ethics Assignment
Brain Cap Template
Cognitive Style Quiz
Learning Style Inventory
Misunderstood Minds
Right/Left Brain Dominance Test
Seat Challenge
Anchor Chart Planning
Resource List
Interactive Notebook
Portfolio Journaling
Linda Lovett PPT 


Super Powered Curriculum Road Shows

December 1, 2017 Santa Clara
January 19, 2018 Stockton
January 22, 2018 Paramount

Workshop Documents
(Click on title to view document)

 Power Point Presentation                                           What Ingredient Am I Instructions                                
 11 Elements of High Quality CTE  What Ingredient Am I (tags with ingredients names)
 11 Elements of CTE Self Review Document  Find Your Partner (tags for matching)
 FCCLA Planning Process  Lesson Plan: Making Lemonade
 Planning Process In Depth Instructions  Activity: Making Lemonade Worksheet
 Planning Process Cheat Sheet  4 Corners Activity
 Planning Process Sample Filled Out Worksheet  4 Corners Activity Signs
 Best Practices  List of FCS Certifications
 FCS CalPad Coding  


2017 FCS Leadership and Management Conference

Children's Art Portfolio                          Toot Your Own Horn: Marking Your FCS Program              
   Art Portfolio Project     FCS Marketing Plan
   Art Project Options     Culinary Arts and Hospitality Pathway Brochure
   Blow Paint     Toot Your Own Horn Marketing Your FCS Program
   Color Wheel to Color with Pencils Lesson Plans for Foods and Nutritional Sciences
   Cotton Swab Painting     Cookie Crust Colors
   Flubber Recipe     Cookie Cruise Colors Evaluation
   Handy Paints     Cookie Crust Recipe
   Paint Blots     Foodborne Illness Fact Sheet
   Scribbler     Innovators and Piioneers in Food Science
Sponge Painting     Innovators and Pioneers Instructions
Children's Literature     Most Unwanted (Foodborn Illnesses)
   Evaluation of Children's Books     Pioneers of Food Science
   Children's Book Review 0-18 Months            Pioneers of Food Science List
   Children's Literature & Activitie Plan     Pioneers Teacher Key
   Story Telling ppt Interior Deisign Lesson Plans
Creativity and Art in Child Development     DIY Project Ruberic
   Art Creativity Lesson Plan     Elements and Principles of Design Scravenger Hunt
   Create a Children's Book Lesson Plan     Interior Design Lesson Plan
   Creative a Children's Picture Book     Ikea Assignment
   Children's Book Grading Sheet     Presentation ppt
   Creating a Children's Story     Technology in Residential Homes Project
   Creativity Study Guide Creating an Academy: How to Build A Linked Learning Academy
   Creativity ppt     Academy ppt
   Dev Pscyh Children - Course Outline     Disneyland Trip Application Process
   ELM Songs, Fingerplay etc.     Student Agreement: College and Careers Pathways
   Evaluating Children's Books     Hospitality Grade Check
   Presentation ppt     Intervention Meeting Summons
   Preschool Learning Foundations     Pancake Party
   Supplies Needed for the Art Portfolio     Pathway Brochure page 1 and 4
   Toddler Book     Pathway Brochure page 2 and 3
   Value of Art     Super Spectacular Sundae Social
Empowering Life Management IFAI Industrial Sewing Career ppt
Technology and Safety  

It's About Time: Keeping Up With New FCS Teaching Strategies

Workshop Documents
(Click on title to view document)

Prezi PDF
STEM Terms and Definitions
Essential Skills for Career Success
STEM and FCS Connection
Infusing STEM into the Home Economics Curriculum
What Does it Take?
Soft Skills Website
What Do I Need Science for? I'm Going into Fashion.

Culinary Arts Skills Institute: It's About Time for New Techniques

November 4-6, 2016
Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Workshop Recipes

Infused or Flavored Oils and Vinegars            Cranberry Fig Chutney/Brie en Croute                       
Olive Oil Cake Chicken Cordon Bleu

Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Safe and Brown Butter       

French Macarons
Chicken Sausage for Scotch Eggs Vegan Chili

 Chef Gilligan Recipes

Bittersweet Chocolate Scones          Chocolate Tempering

Bittersweet Chocolate Souffles with Vanilla Custard Sauce      

 Chocolate Velvet Pound Cake
Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles  Chocolate Taffy
Chocolate Biscotti  Dark Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Carmels  Flourless Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Chunk Gelato  Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Cinnamon Babka  Mexican Chocolate Volcano Cake with Tequila Caramel Sauce
Chocolate-Glazed Eclairs  Nuts for Nutella Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Lava Cake  White Chocolate Lemon Truffles
Chocolate Mousse  

 Chef Gilligan Demonstation Videos can be accessed at: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Chef+martin+gilligan&tbm=vid



2016FCS Leadership and Management Conference

Closing Keynote Address: It's About Time to Run Wild
Jean Steel
Power Point Presentation: Teachers Run Wild

Concurrent Session Handouts

A Fabulous Culinary Pairing:

Nutrition Unit Cover MyPlate Review
Lab List How Much of Different Grain Products Should I Eat?
Super Size Me - File Notes Speedy Enchiladas, Broccoli, Milk Meal
A Healthier Burger and Baked Fries Water or Coke Comparison
Food Log 2 Days Fast Food Analysis

Nutritional Needs

Nutrition Facts Label Worksheet
Minestrone Recipe 7 Types of Vegetarians
Nutritional Analysis of a Recipe TEST Chapter 2: The Guide to Good Food
 Steamed Vegies with Cheese Sauce DGA Recommendations At A Glance
 Healthful Choices  Making Healthy Choices
Vegie Burgers and Vegetarian Charts  Sugar Substition Sweetners
 M-A Friends Salad  Power Point Presentation

 It's Time For Food Innovations:

Developing New Food Products      Food Innovations Calculations Formula #3            
Food Innovations Calculations Formula #1      Food Innovations Calculations Original Formula
Food Innovations Calculations Formula #2 Food Innovations Project



Embrasing Social Media: Power Point Presentation

Iron Chef Competition:

Cover - Check List      Table Display Set           
Iron Chef Project Judge
Job Description and Time Maangement     Student Evaluation

Child Development/Psychology: Life Cycle Activity

Puffed Pastry:

Decorative Pasty Pictures       Sausage Tartlet          
Basket Primervera Shells - Blackberry Tarts   
Asparagus Spirals  



Financial Literacy: Real Money Experiences

Assembly Bill No. 166: Financial Literacy in Public Schools
Managing Credit and Effect use of Debit/Credit Cards - PPT/PDF
Identity Theft - PPT/PDF

Child Development and Education Has Hidden Treasures for Your Students
March 10-11, 2016

Windy Cox - Documents                              Jana Din - Documents                                 
All About Me Skills Book Brain Labels
Baby Timeline Project Brain Mold Jello
Certificate of Completion Brain Terms Pre-Post Test
Discipline and Parenting Styles Brain Dough
Discipline and Parenting Styles PPT Chinese New Year Lesson Plan
Guidance Techniques and Consequences Chinese New Year Storyboard Rubric
Guidance Techniques Guided Notes Chinese New Year Worksheet
Guidance Techniques PPT Choking
Guiding Play and Puppetry Experiences PPT Fine Motor Skills
Guiding Play and Puppetry Guided Notes Fine vs Gross Motor Skills Worksheet
 On-Campus Preschool Presentation PPT            Fish Video Worksheet
Play Doh Activity Fishing For Fresh Food Lesson Plan
Preschool Diploma  Four Lessons from Movie Inside Out
Preschool Evaluation  Five Emotional Lessons From the Movie Inside Out    
Preschool Jobs Quiz Free Malala DVD Offer
Preschool Schedule Period 2 Gross Motor Skills
Preschool Schedule Period 3 Heimlich Maneuver
Preschool Skills Testing Heimlich Maneuver Directions
Preschool Skills Testing Results Lai See Red Envelope Description
Prschool Songs Lesson Plan St. Patrick's Day
Preschool Teacher Requirements Lesson Plan Template Valentine's Day
Preschool Themes Listen Up
Puppet Show Mirror Star Activity
Puppet Show Evaluation  More California Babies Born Addicted to Drugs
Tiny Vikes Fall Parent Letter How Is Your Brain Like__________?
Tiny Vikes Spring Parent Letter Prenatal Development Timeline Worksheet
  Prenatal Development Activity Answer Key
  Right-Left Brain Dominance Test
  Ron Clark Worksheet
  Star Tracing Activity
  Teen Brain Video Question
  Teen Brain Video Question Answers
  Teen Brain Wired to Take Risks
  The Science of Siblings
   UC Davis Study Links Chemical BPA to Asthma
  Under the Sea Lesson Plan
  Website List
  Zika Virus a Global Heath Emergecy

 Culinary Arts Skills - March 4-6, 2016

Chef Philippe Caillot - Recipes                                               Chef Mark Powell - Recipes                                                                        
Garlic Fun Caramelized Apples in Feiulle De Brick
Garlic Tuile Culinary Treasure Chest: Crusts, Wraps and Casing Shells PPT
Hidden Treasure of Garlic PPT Greek Phyllo
  Seafood Croquettes
Chef Sandi Coulter - Recipes Chef Frank Sweeney
Meat Shrinkage Lab Apple Empanada Filling
Meat Shrinkage Lab Directions Asian Cumpling Dough
Meat Skrinkage Lab Lesson Plan BBQ Chicken Filling
Meat Shrinkage Lab Procedures Decorative Bread Dough
  Dinner Menu Costs - Excel
  Food Cost PPT
  Pie Pastry
  Pot Sticker Filling

 Recipes for sweets provided at the workshop by the San Juan High School Culinary Program:

Blueberry Lemon Pie Bars: http://freshaprilflours.com/easyrecipe-print/551-0 (blueberry lemon pie bars)

Magnifying the Common Core in the FCS Program

Workshop Documents:

53 Ways to Check Understanding                                           Group Planning Rubric                                                                      
A FCS in the Common Core PPT
ACE Strategy Illustrated Notebook Rubric
C Information About Interactive Notebooks
  M&M Ice Breakers
Collaboration Cards Math Practices
E Tiered Vocabulary
Easy Exit Slip Prompts Unit Planning Organizer
Exit Ticket  

To view workshop documents click on their title:
Scroll down for prior years.

Culinary Arts Skills: Update and Renew Your Industry Skills

November 14-16, 2014


To view workshop documents click on their title:
Scroll down for prior years.

Culinary Arts Skills: Connecting the Dots for Your Program

March 7-9, 2014


Power Point: Phase Transition: Changing Food with the Application of Heat
Prezi: Building A Better Loaf
Video: Chicken Trussing


Culinary Arts Skills: Achieving Excellence in Your Program

November 22-24, 2013, Los Angeles, CA



Achieving Excellence in Your Education and Child Development Program

November 4-5, 2013, Irvine, CA

Curriculum Notebook

Strategies of Brain Based Learning

Promoting: The Ins and Outs


Newberg Book Report


To view workshop documents click on their title:

Culinary Arts Skills Workshop

March 8-10,2013, Institute of Technology, Citrus Heights


Culinary Arts Skills Workshop

November 16-18, 2012, Los Angeles Trade Tech

No person shall, on the grounds of sex, race, color, national origin, or handicap,
be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be subject to discrimination under this program.